Toy for pets. Soft bedding - snuffle mat. Interactive dog toys. Bedding for pets. Interactive cat toys. 27.5x16.5 inches (70x42 cm)

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SnufFle mat -
This is not a finished product, this is a project. The term of execution is 2-3 working week. Each piece is unique. The copy will be made as close as possible to the project. Material color differences are possible. sizes, number of assignments and creative idea will be preserved.
Mat for cats and dogs. This rug is convenient to take with you when traveling with your pet. Suitable as a soft mat for your pet. It can be used as a feeding place.
Gift wrapping at will.
Each rug is a single copy; it is inspiration and creativity.
The base is multi-layered, the middle layer of Slimtex makes the rug soft.
The parts and the base are firmly connected with special seams, the mat is easily washed, at a temperature of 30 degrees, do not dry in a dryer.
Smart mat ?
?? made with love
Toy every toy in a single copy
Dogs for dogs and cats eat fast food.
?? educational toy, useful mental load
?? distraction and leisure of the hosts
?? encouragement after class
?? using natural instincts to find food
?? Calms hyperactive pets
?? the process of finding a natural product
?? the joy of the owner from caring for the pet